The Alwynes: Daily Life


What is everyday life like in the Alwynes during the Covid-19 pandemic?

One term we hear a lot is 'the new normal'. In years to come, people will ask: What did you do? How did you manage to live?
Tell us your stories.

On this page Janet tells us how she felt in the early days of the pandemic, and how that changed. And Nancy offers us a moving image of her everyday, and what she longs for.

What is your story?

A Nansky

Nancy's thoughtful response to the Brownie task for a Banksy-like image of Lockdown.
How many of us can relate to this image, I wonder?

What does 'The Lockdown' mean to me.

Janet's reflection on the first 3 months of Lockdown, written on 2nd June 2020

Well first of all it frightened me thinking we were locked in, but then I thought, well I can still look out the windows and see neighbours moving about and I have my husband with me. Not on my own like some people!

Secondly, missing all my family and friends, grandchildren particularly.

And not being able to help at our toddler group in Wigginton, and no swimming twice a week. Having to cancel all our garden club speakers and ring all the members and let them know we won’t be meeting until at least January.

But there have been a lot of positives!

Not least our very own piper Rachael who has helped to pull The Alwyne community together by playing to us all every Thursday; she’s a star!

I have met some wonderful little people who I didn’t know even lived on our Drive; I have even knitted some little bunnies for a few of them.

VE Day was just amazing with most people coming out to wave and chat, at the required distance. I spoke to people I’ve never seen, even though we have lived 3 doors away for 17 years!

I now feel I have made lots of lovely friends and am part of a very helpful wonderful community. We have even discovered Fiona our very own hedgehog expert! How wonderful is she!

So out of depths of despair 12 weeks ago has come some positives!

Thank you all.
Janet Delap