The Alwynes: Stay Safe Stones


stay safe stones

Residents of the Alwynes sometimes open their door and find a painted stone on the step.

Paul Cooper is the gifter, decorating stones found by the river, painting them to highlight something special about the recipient.

Each stone a jewel, a unique object that brings joy and laughter in these strange times.

4 stones painted with a robin, a piper, a grey car, a green car

Paul writes:
"I got the idea when out walking with Anne and we came across a small stone with 'stay safe' written on it. I thought, 'I can do that' and I will attempt to put something relevant to the household on it as well. It passes time which is a bonus and I enjoy doing them. The best part is seeing people's faces when one lands on their doorstep. I'm certain that more will turn up in the future as I am now getting deliveries of stones. Hopefully it will encourage the children to have a go."

a stone painted with the word 'love' and images

Nancy's stone . . . there's space for more . . .

4 stones painted with a unicyclist, a sunflower, a tandem, a hedgehog

more wonderful stones

a young girl with a aquare plaque painted with a unicorn and a rainbow sometimes Paul runs out of stones... but Ellie looks delighted with her plaque